Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 
                                                                                                                         CHAOS CANYON
                                                                                                                            1992 - 2010
  Chaos ("K") was a great horse that I owned for just over 11 years.  She was an amazing horse, who always gave us her all.  For many years my husband and I barrel raced her and she did
very well.  We have many ribbons and trophies from her barrel racing career.   Anyone who watched "K" run knew that she loved it!  Running barrels was her "playtime".   When she wasn't
running barrels, she worked here at the farm.  We used her for children and adult lessons, her specialty being Bareback Equitation.  She was also used in our Summer Day Camp program. 
  She was a crowd favorite for giving "pony rides" at parties.  Her slow easy jog was easy for the kids to sit on and easy for me to keep up with while leading the kids.
    She loved getting treats, having her picture taken and extra attention from the kids.  She always kept her eye on the little ones.  Chaos Canyon was a great horse with a lot of character.  We were
blessed to have her for 11 years and have many great memories.  Rest in peace "K-ker-pohn". 
**Please scroll all the way down, we have many pictures posted of our beloved horse.    Some with us and others with her students.
                     Chaos and young student learning to lead