Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 


Our Confidence Recovery program is designed with your specific needs in mind.  If you've lost confidence with horses or you've always been afraid of horses but really wish you could overcome that, we're here to help.  Our goal is to give you skills that will help you overcome your fears and be able to confidently work with horses. 

*Beginners  (never ridden, "afraid but always wanted to try")

*Children (traumatic experiences or lost confidence)

*Adults  (traumatic experiences or lost confidence)

Each person's experience is unique.  When you contact us,  we'll schedule a Consultation  Lesson.  After your initial Consultation Lesson, we'll work with you to create a Recovery Plan specific to your needs.  

Have your own horse?

If you have your own horse, we would most likely prefer to travel to you to help you and your horse in the environment you'll spend the most time. 

Don't have a horse?

If you don't have a horse, we will gladly work with you at our facility.  We are located in Allegan, MI.

Consultation Lesson 

This first consultation will usually take 90 minutes.  We do not "work" you or the horse the whole time.  This will be a multi-faceted lesson that will find out various problem areas and assess your specific needs.    At our facility the Consultation Lesson is $55.   A "traveling consultation" is $70 plus mileage.  Contact us for an exact quote.