Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 
Day Camp 2024 
2024 Summer Camp
Summer Sampler  August 13-16 (9am - 12pm) $180
This camp is for students who are new to our program.

2024 Fall Saturday Camp
Dates: TBA
Time: TBA
Cost:  $TBA per Saturday session 
**Preregistration required**

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Our day camps were created so that all children can participate.  
No previous horse experience is required for either of these themes. 
All activities can be modified to fit your student's abilitieseven if
your student has never been on a horse.  
** Due to the fact that our horses
are smaller we do have weight
restrictions. If you are concerned
that this may affect your child,
please feel free to contact us with
your concerns.







                                 CAMP THEMES: 
   Kick-Off Camp:
   This camp is intended for students who are enrolled in one of our Summer
   Series or are in regular private lessons through the summer.  This week
   of camp will serve as a kick off to all of the following classes and will help
   students bond quickly with their horse for the summer. As always our 
   camp will incorporate various aspects of horse ownership such as: care,
   feeding, and maintenance.  We will also be sampling each of the summer 
   series themes: Drill Team, Fun & Games, and Trail & Technical
   *No experience needed, but registration in summer classes
     required.  For ages 10 years and older.*
   Summer Sampler Day Camp:
   This camp is intended for children who are new to our program or are 
   graduating from our Lil Buckaroo program.  Children will be introduced
   to various aspects of pony ownership such as: care, feeding, and 
   maintenance.  Children will learn how to behave safely around horses
   while grooming and during leading lessons. We will cover correct 
   mounting and dismounting, basic safety on horseback and balance
   exercises to help children become confident on horses.  We will also
   teach them simple games to play with their pony to help build a bond.  
   We conclude each camp week with a "Pony Parade" on Friday.  
   Children are encouraged to help with the "theme of the week" and 
   decorate "their pony/horse".     *No experience needed.*
   Fall Saturday Camp:
   This camp is designed to be slightly more challenging for children
   with more horse experience.  We will review parts and care of an
   English saddle.  We will also cover various aspects of pony care.
   Riding lessons will include learning how to safely navigate obstacles
   in the arena as well as on the trail.  We will also review balance
   exercises to help children increase their flexibility and riding skill.
   We will end the day with a mock Fox Hunt in the "Field and Forest".