Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 
Mentor Program
 Spring Break Camp: 
Dates: TBA
Time: TBA (for "mentors")
Cost: $TBA

Summer Camp
Dates: Monday - Friday
Time: Half Day 8:30am - 12:30pm (for "mentors")
            Full Day 8:30am - 4pm (ages 10 and up)
Cost: Half Day $TBA/week (daily snacks included)
           Full Day  $TBA/week (daily snacks & lunch included)
   Mentor Summer Day Camp:
   Our Mentor program is designed to 
   teach students how to work with horses
   and children.  Mentors will learn what it
   takes to run a camp program.  Mentors
   will work one-on-one with a younger
   student (with instructor supervision).
   Mentors will learn  how to help young
   students behave safely around horses
   and will also help with the riding lessons.
   Each mentor will learn horse and rider
   body language and learn the skills needed
   to help create a safe and fun learning 
   experience.  Mentors will get their own 
   lesson each day of camp.  We will also teach 
   them simple games to play with the students.
                *No experience needed.* 
   We ask that all "mentors" be at least 
   12 years old.