Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 
                                                  2000  - 2021

"Misti" was the jewel of our lesson program.  She filled every role except "pony rides".  She couldn't tolerate not teaching her rider, so "pony rides" were
very insulting to her.  Not every day does a horse like Misti come around.  She was very patient with her students and was a great confidence booster for 
timid riders.  Misti was used for lessons for people of all ages. She loved treats and loved to be groomed.  Misti was a wonderful horse and was well loved 
by all her students.   Though she is gone now, memories of her will live forever.  She was an incredible horse and will be deeply missed and never forgotten. 
                                                                                                                                                          "What to do Misti, what to do."