Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 

                                                                            SEMINOLE POCO FOX BAR

  Seminole has been gone from the farm for many years now.  We decided to add a page about Seminole
because the farm carries her name.
  When my husband and I were planning our farm we decided to name it Seminole Canyon Farm after 
Seminole Poco Fox Bar and Chaos Canyon.   I had already owned Chaos for a few years when we bought
Seminole.  At the time I was taking a break from giving lessons and parties for clients.  We were going to
start a breeding farm.
  We had a hard time parting with our foals and decided breeding and selling foals was not right for us at
the time.  Although Seminole was beautiful, she didn't really fit in with our program and we sold her to a
couple that loved her.