Seminole Canyon Farm 
Teaching total horsemanship, not just riding. 
                                                                                            1991 - 2012 
  Our beloved pony Trigger was well loved by staff and students.  We are sad that he
is gone, but we have plenty of stories to keep his memory alive.  He was a great pony
that we used for parties, lessons, day camp and Lil Buckaroos.  Trigger was extremely
tolerant of all the props we used for our games on horseback.  He could often be seen
during lessons wearing a lei, ring-toss rings hanging off his ears, strange braids or just
random bands in his mane. 
   He always gave me his best and earned the reputation of being my "Go to guy". 
Trigger was a very athletic and willing pony.  He loved any game that involved chasing
a ball as well as jumping.  He also liked drinking water out of the hose after his "bath".
Simply put, he was the coolest little pony.  He will be forever missed. 
                                          Rest in peace Triggy True!
**Please scroll all the way down, we have many pictures posted of our beloved pony. 
Some with us and others with his students.
                                                                  Crazy hair day!